Black Hawk Original Chicken & Rice Puppy 20kg for sale in Argenton, NSW



This high quality dry puppy food contains functional ingredients from
nature with known beneficial properties like blueberries, dandelion and
rosemary. With added food grade emu oil, Black Hawk Chicken & Rice Puppy is
rich in omega fatty acids for healthy skin and a shiny, lustrous coat. This
formula is lower in fat and protein, suitable for puppies that may be sensitive
to rich or fatty foods, and is low in purines making it a great choice for

  • Australian made holistic formula

  • A nutritious blend containing high quality chicken meal and brown rice

  • Suitable for dogs sensitive to high levels of fat or protein

  • Selected ingredients suitable for Dalmatians

  • Omega fatty acids from emu oil

  • Suitable for small and medium to large breed puppies

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